About Vehicle Positioning System

This automation system is use full for vehicle proper position on weighbridge. System integrate with PLC/Controller Based Intelligent terminal, that terminal manage photo/IR censor and find out vehicle position and make further process for weighment.

Weighbridge software all the feature included in this software, also we provide custom based software solution in weighing line.

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Key Software Features :

  • Ensure Vehicle Proper Position.
  • Not Require to manage vehicle position, its auto manage by system.
  • System auto control weighbridge traffic.
  • Restrict unauthorized vehicle weight on weighbridge.
  • For more security take Unmanned Weighbridge system
  • Verify And Avoid Extra Weight on Weighbridge
  • Verify and Prohibite Half Vehicle Weighing

System Integrate Accessories' :

  • Vehicle Position System
  • CCTV Camera & Photo Capturing
  • Barrier Security system
  • Instruction announce with loud speaker
  • Integrate with SAP, Oracle, ERP
  • RFID Integration
  • Barcode / QR Code Integration
  • PLC / Controller Based Intelligent Indicator
  • Traffic light indication
  • Photo sensor based system