Liquid Filling Machine, Bottle Filling Machine

About Liquid Filling Machine

        Imagic Solution Provide easy to operate, user friendly liquid filling machines are useful for different types of glass bottle, plastic and metal containers to fill the various liquids and other things. Offered range of machines also in various industries.

        Semi automatic liquid filling machines are very useful for filing any free flowing liquid into any shape container/jars/bottles etc. It can be used in food, beverages, chemical, pharma & allied industries, Oil, butter oil, Chemical, Paste, Paint, Bitumen, Viscose material, Oil filling, Juice filling, Milk filling, Syrup filling, Hair oil filling Shampoo filling

Specification :

  • Semi Automatic liquid filler with filling range from 5 ml to 1000 ml.
  • Accuracy +/- 1% in single doze.
  • Minimum change over time from one size to another container or fill size
  • Three different speeds depending upon capacity of bottles or variable speed on request
  • Filling head/syringes : 2 Head, 4 Head, 6 Head.
  • Output: fills / Hour : 1200 to 3000, 2400 to 6000, 3600 to 9000.

We Provide Many Type Of Filling Machine :

  • Bag Packing Machine
  • Semi-Automatic Paste Filling Machine
  • Semi-Automatic Weight Metric Filling Machine
  • Single Head Rotary Tube Filling And Sealing Machine
  • Automatic Pouch Packing Machine
  • Pouch Packing Machine
  • Automatic 4 Head Liquid Filling Machine
  • Semi-Automatic Liquid Filling Machine
  • Semi-Automatic Vacuum Pack Machine
  • Powder Filling Machine