About National Agriculture Market [eNAM] Integrated Weighbridge Software For All India APMC/Mandi

        Imagic Solution Provide Easy to Use Windows Based National Agriculture Market [eNAM] Integrated Weighbridge Software, Get And Post Data From eNAM Online Web Site, ALL India APMC Market goes to be Online By India Government, For these part of Imagic Provide Weighbridge and Weighing Scale Integration With eNAM And all APMC In Single Platform, Also It will Provide Secure Weighment with Various Facility Like CCTV Image Capture Facility, Web SMS Facility etc...

Software Suitable for In All India National Agriculture Market :
  • Weighbridge Integration
  • Electronic Weighing Scale Integration

Initial Requirements to Register National Agriculture Market [eNAM] :
  • "orgId" = eNAM Orgenization
  • "oprId" = Market Yard ID
  • "username" = Market Yard Login User Name
  • "password" = Market Yard Login Password
  • Weighbridge Owner Detail with Name and Address With Rs232 Interface With Computer/PC

Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched National Agriculture Market portal eNAM to connect e-mandis in several States. eNAM is an online inter-connectivity of e-mandis, aimed at ushering in much needed agriculture marketing reforms to enable farmers to get better price of their produce.

  • e-National Agriculture Market (NAM) is a pan-India e-trading platform. It is designed to create a unified national market for agricultural commodities.
  • All India Farmers can showcase their produce online from their nearest market and traders can quote price from anywhere.
  • It will result in increased numbers of traders and greater competition. It will also ensure open price discovery and better returns to farmers.
  • During the launch, 21 mandis from eight states were connected to this unified portal. The States include Gujarat, Rajasthan, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh.

We Provide Both Type Of Software For National Agriculture Market(eNAM) Weighbridge Integration And Electronic Weighing Scale Integration.

eNAM will be implemented in different phases with an aim to integrate 585 regulated markets across the country with the common e-market platform by March 2018. So far 365 mandis from 12 states have been granted approval.

  • Initially, online trade will be allowed within the state and inter-state trade will be possible once all states and mandis are integrated.
  • 25 commodities including onion, potato, apple, wheat, pulses, coarse grains and cotton, have been identified for online trading.
  • To integrate a wholesale mandis across the country with the online platform, the state governments have to amend their Agriculture Produce Market Committee (APMC) Act.