About Weigh-In-Motion (WIM) System

        Imagic Weigh-in-Motion (WIM) System can accurately weigh vehicles at speeds upto 10 km/h. These systems utilize plates with strain gauges bonded to the underside. Using Good Quality Loadcell to mager Accurate Weight of each vehicle Axle,

        Imagic Solution are one of the largest independent suppliers of portable weigh pads, its Developed Make IN India, Imagic Weigh PAD Designed to weigh Any Size Of Vehicle, a set of Two Weigh-PAD used to weight a vehicle, out Imagic (WIM) Indicator Store each Vehicle Accurate Weight and Finaly After passing vehicle Generate Final Print for All Axle seprate weight and Total Vehicle Weight. also will provide software for long last Data Storage.

        Imagic Weigh-in-Motion (WIM) System if Designed significantly improves scale reliability in heavy-duty operation on Road, also its reduce Installation Cost at the time of Installation, optionaly We Provide Traffic Light for Vehicle Traffic Control, also intigrade CCTV Camera to Capture image of Vehicle,

        Imagic Axle PAD is Reliable, Robust and Proven Technology Solution for low or high speed weighing and overload detection, toll roads, mines, sea ports, and bridge protection. Maximize Operational Productivity and Cost Savings Solution, Provide High Accuracy of +/-1%% to +/-2%%,

Key Benefits :

  • Masure each Vehicle Axle Weight Accurate
  • On Toll Plaza Instant check Vehicle Gross Weight & Complare With legal weight
  • Record each Axle Weight and Store
  • Generate One Click Report for All Vehicle
  • Using Intelligent Sensor For Weigh-in-Motion
  • No Mechanical Wears & Tears
  • No Civil For Installation WIM System
  • Design Robust For WMI PAD
  • Excellent performance
  • Automatic recording of weight and images of vehicles
  • Dynamic Weighing of Road Vehicles
  • Monitoring of Axle Loads and Overall loads while crossing
  • Weighing Data recorded can be store for future use or can be sent to the cloud server

Specification :

System IMAGIC Weigh In Motion (WIM)
Maximum axle weight 40 Ton
Dynamic accuracy +/- 40 kg per axle or +/- 1% or 2% and lesser.
Resolution of Indicator 10 kg
Maximum vehicle gross weight 120 Ton
Static/Stady accuracy +/- 20 Kg
Dimensions Of Platform 3.2 x 0.7 x 0.3 mtr
Platform Type mild steel epoxy coated
Speed of operation 10 km/hr {max}
Power 230VDC, 50hz
Load Cell 20 Ton capacity each
Temperature -10 to +60 Dig
Color Yellow Weight PAD
Weigh In Motion (WIM) System, Axle Weigh PAD
Weigh In Motion System, Axle Weigh PAD
Print For Weigh In Motion System, Print Axle Weigh PAD
Weigh In Motion System, Axle Weigh PAD