Cement Bag Coutning System

        Imagic Solution : Provide Solution for Cement Plant, Automate Cement Dispatch Process with Cement Bag Coutning System, Cement Dispatch Process With Automation integrate ultra Sonic Sensor for Accurate Bag Counting, Live LED Display for Display Target Bag and Current Counted Bag, Vehicle Queue Management with LED display, RFID Reader for Auto Loading Start with Queue no, Bag Printing Machine Integrate and Print Unique code on Bag, Rejected, Brusted, Tore bag, all bag counting in Reports,

  • Hardware For Bag Counter System
  • Bag Counter System
  • Ultrasonic Sensor
  • Counter LED Display / Loader Display
  • Vehicle Queue LED Display
  • Bag Counter Operate With Software

  • Customer List :
  • Sanghi Cement Ltd
  • Palpa Cement
  • Diamond Cement
  • Simba Cement
  • NCC Cement
  • Cement Bag Coutning System : Video

    View Video of Cement Bag Counter Operation Detailed Video in link.